Knowledge. Experience. Supervision.

Furniture installation demands close attention to the lab’s technical and safety requirements. MidLab factory-certified furniture installers are equipped with indispensable knowledge and experience to accomplish this important part of the project with perfection. Each component is built according to plan, even under the pressure of an intimidating deadline. From shelving and heavy duty casework to the finishing touches, we offer complete project supervision before, during, and after installation ensuring your work space is set up to support productivity.

Prompt. Precise. Perfect.

MidLab is committed to delivering your choice of products wherever and whenever you need it. We understand that delivering the furniture you need is crucial. MidLab Project Coordinators track every order to guarantee on-time delivery, every time. We carefully manage our own warehouse inventory on our customers’ evolving needs, ensuring access to a broad selection of products. Our delivery service covers the entire Arabian Gulf and Middle East area.