BROEN UniFlex Gas Fittings

Broen Uniflexfittings for burning gases can be used for natural gas (G), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as well as low pressure bottle gases such as:
- propane
- butane
- methane
- acetylene
- hydrogen

These gases are typically commercially manufactured and sold to be used in applications within:
- laboratory and instrumentation
- chemical and petrochemical industry
- semiconductor industry
- welding, etc.


Handle: Plastic with media indication according to EN13792
Hose nozzle: Metal, fixed
Headwork: Ceramic, press/turn
Opening/closing function: 90°
Max. working pressure: 7 bar / 102 psi
Allowable test pressure after installation:
10 bar without function of the valve
Materials With Media Contact:
• Metals: Brass, NBR (rubber hose)
• Sealing: Nitrile (NBR)
• Lubricant: Mineral oil based

Single LPG Standout  (BROEN- DENMARK)

Single LPG Standout  (BROEN- DENMARK)

Double 'Y'-Type Gas Standout ( BROEN-DENMARK)

Double 'Y'-Type Gas Standout ( BROEN-DENMARK)

Double 180° Gas Standout (BROEN-DENMARK)

Double 180° Gas Standout (BROEN-DENMARK)

Quadruplet LPG Standout (BROEN- DENMARK)

Quadruplet LPG Standout (BROEN- DENMARK)

TOF Gas Fittings:

Tof Laboratory fittings for gas are manufactured conformity with international regulations. Tof Laboratory fittings are made in brass (P-Cu Zn 40 Pb 2 UNI 5705-65) and have an epoxid-covering in ash-grey according to RAL 7001. On demand, it could have an inside chemical –nickel treatment, granting an higher corrosion resistance and avoiding any contamination of fluid.


Temperature range: -30°C to +150°C
Chemical resisitance: very rare alterations.
Test pressure: 1 x working pressure
Pea-souper test: no alterations
Kesternich test: no alterations

Single gas standout (TOF- ITALY)Single gas standout (TOF- ITALY)

Single gas standout (TOF- ITALY)

Double 180° gas standout, 2 taps (TOF- ITALY) Double 180° gas standout, 2 taps (TOF- ITALY)

Double 180° gas standout, 2 taps (TOF- ITALY)