All the three styles have Worktops mounted on cabinet/support panel. Worktops and Service Channel Bridges have to be selected to suit the application. Plenty of laminate, worktop and powder coating paint colors are available for all styles. All the cabinets are mounted on attached pedestal of 100mm height for all styles.

MidLab (ML-01) ECONOMY
MidLab Economy range is set on the floor and provides more storage area. It is advisable for hospitals as the floor covering can be selected against the base of unit, ensuring clinical hygiene. The significant cost saving over a steel frame structure makes this the ideal system for pharmacy labs, computer rooms and storage rooms.

MidLab (ML-02) FLEXI
MidLab Flexi range is supported by heavy duty cold rolled mild steel rigid frameworks. The frame is epoxy powder coated at 80-micrones at 200 OC. The base frame, fixed with an adjustable, non abrasive foot will provide perfect leveling even on uneven surfaces. All base cabinets can be removed and rearranged with ease. The floor can be easily cleaned as there is a 14cm clearance space between the floor and the framework. MidLab (ML-02) Flexi is most advisable for educational laboratories.

MidLab (ML-03) HEAVY
MidLab Heavy range is supported on a heavy duty cantilevered ‘C’ frame fitted with intensive adjustable, non-abrasive feet. The cantilever frame connected with the front frame and cantilever bench frames provides sufficient strength to the workbench and wall benches fixed to the external wall. All base cabinets can be removed and rearranged with ease. Cleaning the floor is easy as there’s ample space between the floor and the cabinet. MidLab (ML-03) Heavy is most advisable for oil, gas and industrial laboratories.